Elixirs, Smoothies & Something Bubbly

Kombucha on tap.

3.5 for 1/2 pint 5.5 pint

.35 cents with juice add on jalapeno, basil, or mint

Apple Cider Tonics

Straight up 3.25

Orange 4.25

Ginger-Lemon 4.25

Apple 4.25

Hibiscus-Lemon 4.25

Fresh Juices 6.35

Hot Roots- Blood Cleanser 
carrot, beet, sweet potato, jalapeno

Sugar Bomb- Lowers Blood Sugar
apple, sweet potato, cucumber, kale, lemon, parsley

Breakfast Booster- Metabolism

apple, cucumber, beet, lemon, ginger, cinnamon

Bright Eyes- VIsion 

carrot, apple, orange, beet, basil

Liquid Love- heart health

carrot, orange, apple, beet, lemon

Spicy Stabalizer- Alkalizer
cucumber, celery, lemon, cayenne

Whyld 8- Immune Defense 

orange, kale, apple, carrot, beet, ginger, tomato, sweet potato
Beauty Monk- Skin Rejuvenator

carrot, celery,apple, mint


Choose your base…..as many as you like….APPLE, CARROT, BEET, SWEET POTATO, TOMATO, CUCUMBER, CELERY, ORANGE

Add these flavors to the base…KALE, MINT, BASIL, PARSLEY, LEMON, JALAPENO,

Smoothies 6.25

Green Machine

mango, kale, banana, avocado, spirulina , chlorophyll lettuce…..super alkaline with a shot of apple cider vinegar $0.75

Southwest Sunset 

pineapple, banana, coconut, orange juice, carrot juice

Pineapple Upside Down 

pineapple, cherries, maple syrup, rice milk…..make it chocolately $0.75

Fresh Flagstorian 

kale, pineapple, ginger, banana, cinnamon, rice milk

La Brasileña

kale, mango, bananas, orange juice, Chia.

Patagonia Pleasure

cherries, avocado, kale and beet juice.

Whistling Dixie

beet cubes, bananas, carrot juice, cinnamon and a pinch of clove.

Momma’s Molé

strawberries, mangos, carob, chipotle, Vietnamese cinnamon, rice milk, agave.

Saguaro Nut

coconut milk, coconut, mangos, strawberry, Vietnamese cinnamon.


blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, rice milk, lemon juice Vietnamese cinnamon, agave.


cherries, apple juice, maple syrup, vanila.

Southern Tropical Holiday

mangos, bananas, rice milk, ginger juice, Vietnamese cinnamon


kale cubes, beet cubes, ginger juice, lemon juice, palm sugar.


bananas, carob, peanut butter, rice milk.


blueberries, basil, hemp seeds, rice milk

Noggin On Heavens Door

dates, bananas, coconut milk, clove, nutmeg

Coffee Smoothies 6.25

#1 Bananas, peanut butter, carob, and coffee

#2 Cherries, agave, almonds, carob, and coffee

#3 Strawberries, agave, coconut milk, cinnamon, and coffee

#4 Mango, agave, cashew milk, and coffee


3.05 or a flight of three for 5.15


Iced Brewed Toddy 3.30

Hot or Iced tea 2.80

Caffeine Free

Medicinal Chai (hot or iced) 5.55             ……make it chocolate or coconut $1.00

Moosetrax (hot of iced) 5.55

Coco-Kava (cold) 6.05

Turmeric Elixer (hot) 4.45

Educated Coffee Drinks 

espresso 2.60……add shots .60

Americano     small 3.55     large 4.55     iced 4.55

Cappuccino     small 4.35     large 5.35

Lattee     small 4.60     large 5.60     iced 5.60

Specialty Lattes 

Mexican     small 4.60    large 5.60     iced 5.60

Rosemary     small 4.60     large 5.60     iced 5.60

Turmeric     small 4.85     large 5.85     not available iced

Lavander Cardamom     small 5.10     large 6.10    iced 6.10

                                       Chai     small 4.85     large 5.85     iced 5.85                                                                       make it chocolate or coconut add $1.00 any size

Specialty Mochas

Moosetrax     small 4.85     large 5.85     iced 5.85

Lavander     small 5.35     large 6.35     iced 6.35

Rosemary mint     small 5.35     large 6.35     iced 6.35

Maca     small 6.60     large 7.85     iced 7.85

Mexican     small 5.35     large 6.35     iced 6.35