Elixirs, Smoothies & Something Bubbly

Kombucha and Water-Based Kefir on tap Made with Sedona spring water and organic ingredients.

3.25 for 1/2 pint 5.5 pint with juice add on

Apple Cider Tonics

Straight up 3

Orange 4

Ginger-Lemon 4

Apple 4

Hibiscus-Lemon 4


Orange, carrot, beet, tomato, ginger, apple, lemon, kale

Smoothies 5.5

La Brasileña

Kale, mango, bananas, orange juice, Chia.

Patagonia Pleasure

Cherries, avocado, kale and beet juice.

Whistling Dixie

Beet cubes, bananas, carrot juice, cinnamon and a pinch of clove.

Momma’s Molé

Strawberries, mangos, carob, chipotle, Vietnamese cinnamon, rice milk, agave.

Saguaro Nut

Coconut milk, coconut, mangos, strawberry, Vietnamese cinnamon.


Blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, rice milk, lemon juice Vietnamese cinnamon, agave.


Cherries, apple juice, maple syrup, vanila.

Southern Tropical Holiday

Mangos, bananas, rice milk, ginger juice, Vietnamese cinnamon


Kale cubes, beet cubes, ginger juice, lemon juice, palm sugar.


Bananas, carob, peanut butter, rice milk.

Smoothies 5.5

Coffee Smoothies

 Bananas, peanut butter and carob.

Coconut, mangos, strawberry, Vietnamese cinnamon.

Strawberries, mango, carob, Chipotle, Vietnamese cinnamon.


3 or a flight of three for 5

Ginger Lemonade

Hibiscus Lemonade

Seasonal Lemonade

Hot Coffee & Drink

Iced Brewed Toddy 3

WHyld Mocha (iced or hot) 5

Hot Mousse Trax (Better Than Hot Chocolate) 5

Homomade Spiced Chai 5

Hot Tumeric Elixir 4

Add ins

Chia or flax .50

Spirulina 1

Multivitamin/mineral protein 3

Avocado .75