Big ASS Bowl of Granola – g.f.     $9.35

Chia, flax, shredded coconut, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, topped with fresh fruit and served with house made cashew yogurt.


Quiche of The Earth – g.f.     $11.10

Seasonal house made custard, pumpkin seed ricotta, herbs, and grilled veggies.  Served with an amazing crisp salad.


The Scramble – g.f.     $11.10

Citrus stewed heritage beans, roasted sweet potato hash, superfood guacamole, local sprouts, turmeric cashew sour cream, and GMO free corn chips.


Stuffed French Toast Loaf – g.f.     $12.10

House made gluten free bread, mixed berry compote, sweet danish cashew cheese sauce, and a side of roasted sweet potato hash with house made spicy mustard.


WHyld JACKS – g.f.     $8.60

Whole grain buckwheat flour pancakes topped with almond bliss sauce, fresh bananas, and shredded coconut.


Breakfast Porridge – g.f.     $7.60

Quinoa stewed in black-strap molasses, ginger juice, house made coconut milk, organic sugar, topped with chia, flax, cinnamon, and shredded coconut.

Add fresh fruit- $2.75


The Best Biscuits and Gravy EVER     $8.10

Rosemary biscuit, smothered in cracked black pepper chipotle gravy, topped with southern cooked kale.


Breakfast Burrito     $6.85

Lentil sausage, sunflower seed cheese, roasted sweet potato hash, diced apples, house made hot sauce, and turmeric cashew sour cream.

Add G.F. tortilla     $1.30 /  Superfood guacamole- $2.35


Acai Superfood Berry Smoothie Bowl – g.f.     $12

Frozen Acai berry smoothie, topped with fresh fruit, house made granola, hemp seeds, and almond coconut bliss sauce.


Breakfast Sides

House made baguette toast     $2.30

Rosemary biscuit     $3.05

House made jam, vegan butter, or peanut butter     $.80

Almond butter     $1

Avocado     $1.30

Superfood guacamole     $2.35

Breakfast porridge     $5.05

Roasted sweet potato hash, spicy mustard     $5.25

Gluten free tortilla     $1.30

House bake gluten free toast     $2.75

Zucchini bacon     $3.05

One WHyld jack     $4.25

Gravy     $3.25

Lentil sausage     $3


Appetizer and Small Plates

Braised Beets and Potato Chevre’ – g.f.     $10

Potato oat mozzarella rolled in fresh herbs, over micro-greens, and braised beets,  drizzled in lemon agave vinaigrette.


Big ol’ Jump Rolls – g.f.     $10

Sautéed cabbage, carrots, ginger juice, sesame oil, fresh mint, and rice noodles wrapped in rice paper.  Served with AZ grown chili peanut sauce.


Hummus Platter – g.f.     $8.60

Daily hummus, fresh fruit and veggies, and aged balsamic reduction.


The True Mac and Cheese – g.f.     $9

Thick basil cashew cheese sauce, caramelized onions, tossed with gluten free pasta.


Raw Nori Rolls – g.f.    $9.65

Carrots, beets, cucumbers, avocado, apples, micro greens, wrapped with raw nori sheets.  Served with coconut amino jalapeno dipping sauce.


Mexican Share Plate – g.f.     $6.75

Superfood guacamole, mint pico de gallo, and GMO free corn tortilla chips.


Healthiest Soup in Flagstaff

Sided with house made baguette  $8.10

Add g.f. toast $1.25


Cleverly Designed Salads

The Famous “Power Salad”- g.f.     $6.60 (sm) / $11.10 (lg)

Raw sunflower seeds, hemp seeds, raw pepitas, flax, chia, shredded coconut, local olives, almonds, dried cranberries, tomato, cucumbers, and house mixed greens tossed in a balsamic coconut dressing.


Baked Falafel Salad – g.f.     $11.60

Perfectly baked black bean and chickpea falafel balls, local olives, raw cashew  yogurt, roasted garlic tahini, tomato, cucumber, and quinoa tabouli.


Farmers Warm Veggie Salad – g.f.     $11.10

Warm grilled veggies and fresh parsley quinoa, over dressed mixed  greens with walnut Parmesan and sunflower sprouts.


Beet Apple Walnut Salad – g.f.     $11.60

Braised beets, apples, walnuts, potato chevre’ rolled in fresh herbs over balsamic coconut dressed mixed greens.  Drizzled with a balsamic reduction.


WHyld ASS House Salad – g.f.     $6.15

Tomatoes, cucumbers, and sunflower seeds.


Dressings – balsamic coconut vinaigrette, lemon agave, sunflower seed ranch, and roasted garlic tahini.

Add to any salad:

Avocado     $1.30

Jackfruit     $3.25

Curry Chickpea Salad     $3

Heritage Beans     $2.75

Superfood Guacamole     $2.35


Sandwiches Of The World (come with one side)

Open Faced Avocado Toast g.f.     $10.85

House made gluten free jalapeno toast, tomato coulis, fresh avocado, aged balsamic reduction, and local sunflower sprouts.


Classic BLTA     $11.85

Sunflower seed mayo, zucchini bacon, dressed greens, tomato, fresh avocado, on a house baguette.


B’anh Mi (Vietnamese street food)     $10.85

Black bean tempeh patty, house kraut, sunflower seed mayo, jalapeños, cilantro, on a house baguette.


Skinny Elvis     $11.10

Grilled peanut butter and jelly on house made banana bread.  Add chocolate $1


Deconstructed Guacamole     $10.85

Fresh avocado sprinkled with cumin, tomato, raw onion, garlic smear, lemon dressed greens, on a house baguette.


The po’ Boi (Louisiana special)     $12.10

Black bean tempeh, spicy pickled vegetables, tomato, sunflower seed mayo, dressed greens, on a house baguette.


Walnut Lentil Loaf     $12.35

Our famous loaf, balsamic caramelized onions, tomato, sunflower seed mayo, dressed greens, on a house made baguette.


Grilled Cheese & Smoked Tomato Bisque     $12.35

Potato oat cheese, kale, and tomato pressed on a panini grill, sided by an AMAZING smoked tomato bisque.


AVO Melt     $12.10

Grilled potato oat cheese, garlic mayo, fresh avocado, black bean tempeh, tomato, on a house baguette.


The Unique Patty Melt     $12.10

Black bean tempeh patty, caramelized onions, spicy fire island dressing, potato oat cheese, on a toasted baguette.


Grilled Herbed Veggie Wrap     $9.15

Daily hummus and grilled veggies with tomato, cucumber, and dressed greens.


Curry Chickpea Salad Wrap     $10.10

Celery, onions, fresh dill, apples, raisins, house made curry, tomato, cucumber, and dressed greens.


Baked Falafel Wrap     $11.85

Local olives, raw cashew yogurt, tomato, cucumbers, roasted garlic tahini, and some of the best baked falafel made.

On g.f. tortilla $1.30

Or g.f. jalapeno bread $2.05



Daily g.f. Soup // roasted sweet potato hash // house salad // braised beets Hummus and a veg // quinoa tabouli // smashed potatoes and chipotle gravy //  scoop of curry chickpea salad // chips and superfood // guacamole // sauerkraut // Achiote stewed heritage beans

Add a side for $5.25, or

3 sides as a meal for $11.85


Pho’ g.f. –      $13.30

Served with fresh sliced mushrooms, kale, brown rice noodles, local sunflower sprouts, sided with cilantro, jalapeños, and lemon juice.


The Macro Plate – g.f.      $15.25

Nori roll, kimchi, house made kraut, herbed potato chevre’, stewed heritage beans, a slice of house made gluten free jalapeño bread.


House Fermented Kimchi $6.75


Nacho Momma’s Average Nachos – g.f.     $7.75

Southwest cashew cheese sauce, diced tomatoes, onions, jalapeños, GMO free corn tortilla chips.


Add ons:

Superfood guacamole $2.35 // heritage beans $2.35 // jackfruit $3 // zucchini bacon $2.10 // turmeric cashew sour cream $1 // herbed grilled veggies $2.10 // spicy pickled veggies $2.10


Big ol’ Burrito     $14.85

Achiote stewed heritage beans, roasted sweet potato hash, local sunflower sprouts, mint pico de gallo, smothered with carob mole, turmeric cashew sour cream and house made hot sauce.  Sided with Spanish brown rice.

Add superfood guacamole $2.35

Make it gluten free $1.30


Hola Quesadillas     $10

Potato oat and sunflower seed cheese, filled with your choice of …

  –  Oaxacan pulled jackfruit

  –  Herbed grilled veggies

  –  Achiote heritage beans

  –  Cheesy potato and house kraut (it’s like a Mexican pierogi)

Topped with turmeric cashew sour cream and house made hot sauce.

Add Superfood guacamole     $2

Make it gluten free      $1