Whyld Ass Food Menu

Breakfast Burrito 9
Lentil breakfast sausage, sunflower seed cheese, roasted sweet potato hash, diced apple, house made hot sauce, turmeric cashew sour cream
G.F. tortilla 2
Add superfood guacamole 3
Mexican Share Plate (G.F.) 9
Superfood guacamole, mint pico de gallo, gmo free corn tortilla chips
The Bomb Burrito 12
Potato oat cheese, smashed potatoes, spanish rice, stewed black beans, house made hot sauce, wrapped up and grilled amazingly
G.F. tortilla 2
Add superfood guacamole 3
Mac (G.F.) 11
Thick basil cashew cheese sauce, caramelized onions, tossed with gluten free pasta
add roasted mushrooms 2
Stuffed French Toast (G.F.) 14
Brown rice gluten free bread, mixed berry compote, sweet danish cheese sauce served with roasted sweet potato, house made spicy mustard
Nachos (G.F.) 9
Southwest sunflower seed cheese sauce with diced tomatoes, onions, and jalapeños
add grilled veggies 2
add guacamole 3
add sour cream 1
Biscuits and Gravy 10
Orange rosemary biscuit, cracked black & chipotle gravy topped with southern cooked kale
Hummus Platter (G.F.) 10
Daily hummus, fresh fruit and veggies, aged balsamic reduction
Açaí Bowl (G.F.) 13
Frozen berry smoothie, house made superfood granola, fresh fruit, coconut milk, hemp seeds, Almond coconut bliss sauce
Falafel Salad (G.F.) 14
Perfectly baked black bean and chickpea falafel balls, local olives, raw cashew yogurt, house made roasted garlic tahini dressed greens, tomato, cucumber, quinoa tabouli
Black Bean Chipotle Chili (G.F.) 12
Hearty bowl of chili topped with sour cream and nutritional yeast served with cornbread
Whyld ASS House Salad (G.F.) 8
Dressings- strawberry balsamic, lemon agave, sunflower seed ranch, roasted garlic tahini
Add Avocado for $1.35
Scoop of Curry Chickpea $3

Smoothies 8

Green Machine: Mango, banana, kale, lettuce, avocado, chlorophyll, spirulina

Southern Tropic Holiday: Mango, banana, cinnamon, ginger, rice milk


Cupcakes 6

Some gluten free

Slice of Cake 6

Some gluten free

Banana Bread 5/8

Individual & Loaves

Sandwich Cookies 5

Other Pastries varies

Scones, muffins, brownies, peanut butter bar